Fin Russel in the new Vanilla Square office

International Rugby Star Finn Russell Starts Property Portfolio with Vanilla Square

We kick off our own Six Nations celebrations by welcoming our first ambassador – Scottish international rugby player, Finn Russell. The fly half who has represented his native Scotland on 22 occasions to date has a keen interest in property and after his recent experience with Vanilla Square has chosen to align himself with our business.

When it comes to building a property investment portfolio and secure his future, Finn declares:

“I met the guys at Vanilla Square and was really impressed with what they’re doing – I wanted to tap into all their knowledge & expertise.”

Finn Russell declared to The Sunday Times a few weeks ago

We asked Finn a few questions about what persuaded him to invest in property and pick Vanilla Square as his partner, this is what Finn said.

Finn Russell with Innes Allan and Steven Lucas, Vanilla Square partners.

Q: How did you decide to invest in property?  

Finn: My mum advised me – she knows what’s best! I have always wanted to invest in bricks and mortar since my days as a stonemason. I think it is a safe investment and I’m keen to build a property portfolio for my future.

Q: Why did you choose Vanilla Square as your partner?  

Finn: I have gotten to know Innes and Steven from Vanilla Square and I enjoy working with them. They have started a young dynamic company and are looking to grow and challenge the bigger operators – this is something I can relate to as an emerging International player.

Q: Has playing rugby changed you as a person and if yes in what way?  

Finn: Playing rugby at the highest level has matured me and given me more confidence in myself. I know I’m not bullet proof but I am ambitious and want to achieve as much as I can in my career.

Q: How do you balance it all – rugby, property investment, a personal life?  

Finn: Life is busy but you make time for what is important.  I want to plan for the future, but I live in the moment and want to enjoy myself as much as possible.

Q: What would you advise people who like you are looking for property investment opportunities?  

Finn: Give Vanilla Square a call and quote FINN!! – haha

A very warm welcome to the world of property investment from all of us at Vanilla Square Finn, and wishing you best of luck at the upcoming Six Nations Championship!

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